Steam Cleaning

STEAM CLEANING / PAINT REMOVAL This property is a heavy grade of pebble dash, that has failing paint and coatings. I was contacted to remove the failing coatings, prior to a re-application of a more suitable coating being applied after some repair work to the pebble dash coating. FAILING COATINGS  The previous coating was failing […]

BUILDING RESTORATION CLEANING   REMOVING PAINT FROM BRICKWORK  “STEAM CLEANING”  This building had multiple coats of paint on its outside walls, from a past building addition. The objective was to remove this unsightly old paint, leaving the natural brickwork.  This job was undertaken with high pressure steam cleaning. On partly painted buildings, it’s very important […]

STONEWORK CLEANING Steam cleaning is a great way to clean stonework, this methood allows you to avoid the dangers of high pressure cleaning, with powerful pressure washers. METHOD Cleaning stonework requires a much more gentle approach with heat and lower pressures than a typical pressure washer. Buildings can suffer with high levels of algae growth […]

STEAM CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING In order to provide high quality service that stand out from the competition, you must be able to offer power with control. Steam Cleaning As the tittle suggests, it must be steam & not just hot water!  Constant steam is normally produced at lower pressures, this is very important in restoration […]

STEAM & PRESSURE WASHING  BLOCK PAVING CLEANING Using steam cleaning & pressure washing equipment, to clean driveways & patio areas. The importance of  cleaning block paving and patio areas, isn’t just to make things look nice.  It’s also a very important area of maintenance, that helps keep them in great condition. Block paving can develop […]

STEAM CLEANING Victorian brickwork can prove to be quite a challenge, when it comes to paint removal. As the brickwork & lime mortar can be quite soft naturally. The damage that can be caused by using  modern unbreathable paints, is quit substantial. The single most important fact is, these buildings most be able to breathe […]