We have been working hard & investing for 2022 Where we will be bringing you a updated & advanced version, of the following 3 services:

Abrasive blasting / Sandblasting,

Steam cleaning,

Pressure washing. 



Will consist of high and low pressure blasting, both wet and dry. With a verity of blasting media’s including crushed glass, aluminium oxide & iron silicate. With these blasting medias, it’s possible to undertake a wide variety of blasting jobs, on many different materials.

This can range from gentle building restoration cleaning, to heavy rust, paint and corrosion removal from metals.

At CJK we constantly strive to update, modernise and build,  the best equipment available for the services we offer.




I have invested in this particular area quite heavily, because it has a lot to offer the restoration side, of building cleaning.

High quality Steam Cleaning equipment, can offer very high level’s of performance along with gentle cleaning, and in conjunction with certain chemicals, the results are quite outstanding.



With powerful equipment and great control, you can really stand out from the competition.

We can now offer Hot & Cold pressure washing, this gives us some great advantages when it comes to removing certain types of contaminants, such as grease, oils and organic growths such as moss’s and algae growths commonly found on block paving driveways and pathways.