About CJK

CJK is a mobile service provider specialising in:




My normal working radius is Bedfordshire & into the surrounding shires:

Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire.

Areas outside a 15 mile radius of Bedford that require a site visit or inspection, will be subject to a one off  consultation fee. All properties requiring paint removal, will require tests prior to any work commencing. As this is the professional approach to these types of projects. 

Mobile services  Are subject to the customer having suitable grounds & access for the equipment required. We undertake projects large & small, the “Minimum Workload” for mobile services is half a day in duration, this includes steam cleaning & abrasive blasting. As the entire business travels to the customers site.

Shop services   All shop blasting work, will be done on a pre-booked basis. As the entire system has to be set up for each application.


Quality takes precedence over quantity at CJK. This is our standard operating procedure. We Believe this to be the essential key tool to quality, starting multiple jobs and completing none properly, due to unrealistic deadlines & time constraints leads to most of today’s Poor quality workmanship, where quality is sacrificed for speed! only to find in some cases the job needs re-doing at a later date.

Here at CJK if we start on your job, we work on your job until it’s finished. Having six jobs on the go at once is not a good working practice, unfortunately there is a lot of this happening these days, in different trades. We really believe that customers want to see their job seamlessly completed. For this reason, we believe this is what sets us apart from the mainstream, because you will be investing in someone who wants to see the job done properly 1st time.


I have been interested in engineering, fabrication & renovation work from a very young age, I took great interest in these areas & became fully immersed from an early childhood, where I was introduced to art, music, sculpture, building and engineering.

From as far back as my early years, I was working on stock cars, restoring & building vintage motorcycles & many types of fabrication work, including having a great interest in welding from the age of twelve, where I was fascinated by watching fishing boats being built and repaired.

I was lucky enough to be able to observe safely and even ask questions, how things have changed now, it’s such a shame that some of these life skills are now locked out of View or hidden behind a steel fence, especially to the young inquisitive and enthusiastic minds who only have the opportunity to read about some of these practical skills & experiences from books & the internet.

I built many things using the skills I learned, from this early introduction to what I call the arts, this gave me a very strong insight to the differences between artistic and functional form, this has all lead to the very high, quality work conducted at CJK.


Having worked in many different fields over the years, from precision sheet metal work to communications and logistics, these fundamentals have never been far away at any point in my life. These skills have just grown & grown as time has gone by.

I consider this type of work to be very rewarding, seeing something restored to its former glory by these processes.

Recently I have worked on multiple vintage cast-iron items such as hand water pumps, a vintage hand crank pillar drill, large cast-iron water feature and what I can only describe as stunning glass top tables.

Having the insight to see something made from old materials or restored into a thing of beauty again is a great gift & when it comes to my services, I like to view my customers items or products as something special to them, and in most cases I find it has a substantial sentimental value or even just a great story that they wish to keep alive for future generations.

From the blasting process alone can totally transform an item that most would view as being totally unserviceable, but it’s just hidden under years of rust, dirt, time & history.

We believe it’s important to maintain the older skills and keep some of life’s history alive, in today’s society it’s all too easy to throw stuff away or replace it, but what are you replacing it with? “Not everything new is better”.

Just because it no longer looks new, it does not mean it can’t in future. We are all too easily led to believe that these days things are no maintenance, but the reality of this is quite different, things are more on the basis of lower maintenance these days, having something maintained or cleaned on a regular basis by a professional can prolong the life expectancy substantially.

Waiting until something fails or falls into a state of disrepair is false economy. A regular maintenance program can prevent costly future repairs or even total replacement. To a professional like myself, it’s only a few simple steps away!

CJK where Quality is brought back to life!