CJK Steam Cleaning Services

CJK is a steam cleaning & pressure washing service, owned & run by Chris King.

 Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing 

My main focus is to provide services for those requiring restoration & renovation cleaning work, in Bedfordshire & the surrounding shires. Due to the logistical nature of  supplying these services, I have a “Minimum Workload” of half a day duration.

As a sole operator, I’m happy to work on individual projects or the more regular client.

CJK offers services in steam cleaning & pressure washing, this is an important area of maintenance for many materials & surfaces, industrial, commercial & domestic. A well-planned maintenance program can prolong the life of pathways, patios, decking, buildings and equipment by many years.

The build-up of dirt, algae, moss & Lycans can make surfaces look old and uncared-for quite quickly & in lots of cases surfaces can become very slippery. This is especially important to avoid in areas where the older or the more frail reside.

 Having surfaces professionally cleaned addresses many parts of general maintenance, this can help prevent the unsightly discolouration that occurs with time.

Many people have invested highly in their properties, by having block-paving driveways and pathways installed, that look incredible when new, but without maintenance this soon fades. Maintenance also plays an important role in the stability & integrity of such surfaces, with time the sand that locks the stones or blocks together can sink or gets washed away with repeated rain, this can lead to the structural deterioration that is VERY commonly seen.

Why Choose CJK?

When a block paving surface has been cleaned at CJK it’s part of our standard process to re-sand those blocks after drying, this helps restore your driveway or pathway to its former glory. Not just in looks, but in structural integrity as well.

Our specialist steam cleaning & general pressure washing includes :

  1. Heritage and listed building cleaning 
  2. Steam cleaning paint from brickwork & stonework
  3. Block paving driveways and pathways
  4. Roofs
  5. Stone and slate
  6. Concrete
  7. Walls
  8. Buildings
  9. Patios
  10. Fences
  11. General cleaning
  12. Monuments and statues

We offer private & commercial: Building Restoration Cleaning, Stone Restoration Cleaning, Brickwork Cleaning, Roof Cleaning,  Paint Removal, Graffiti Removal, Chewing Gum Removal, Efflorescence Removal, Patio Cleaning, Driveway Cleaning, Walkway Cleaning, Decking Cleaning, Statue Cleaning & Monument Cleaning.

Cobblestone Cleaning, Decking Areas, Concrete Cleaning, Exterior Building Cleaning, General Pressure Washing across Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

CJK Steam Cleaning Equipment

Our Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing equipment can deliver up to 25 Lpm @250 Bars. These flow-rates require the use of a buffer tank & good water supply. This tank helps compensate for any shortfalls in water supply volume, as these machines require more water flow than most domestic systems can supply.

With the use of varying nozzles, hose lengths and a large surface cleaner, many cleaning tasks can be undertaken. There are many types of chemicals that can aid the cleaning process and also prevent future build-ups of algae, moss and lichens, making surfaces quite slippery.


Some of these lichens can be really quite hard to remove if allowed to get a real hold on surfaces that haven’t been maintained properly, resulting in the use of higher levels of chemical intervention and more prolonged use of higher-pressure cleaning.

Regular maintenance is a much better way to address the inevitable build-up of naturally occurring growths, over the course of time.These cleaning processes can totally transform the look of your property by restoring colour texture & structure to the surfaces.

 That feeling of seeing your property looking it’s best, when you use your driveways or pathways in the mornings and again after returning from your day, knowing & having that reassurance it’s all in order, or even just knowing your investment is not falling into a state of disrepair!

A lack of regular maintenance is not only unsightly, but is also false economy, not to mention a major contributor, to the possibility of substantial future repair costs. At CJK we are happy to help you achieve your cleaning & maintenance goals

To use an old quote: “Prevention is better than cure!”


CJK  “where quality comes first”