Pressure Washing

HOT PRESSURE WASHING  DRIVEWAY CLEANING  Hot pressure washing & chemical treatment, to clean a cobblestone driveway. CHEMICAL TREATMENT Using hot pressure washing and chemical treatment to remove “blackspot”   from a cobblestone driveway.   

STEAM CLEANING & PRESSURE WASHING In order to provide high quality service that stand out from the competition, you must be able to offer power with control. Steam Cleaning As the tittle suggests, it must be steam & not just hot water!  Constant steam is normally produced at lower pressures, this is very important in restoration […]

STEAM & PRESSURE WASHING  BLOCK PAVING CLEANING Using steam cleaning & pressure washing equipment, to clean driveways & patio areas. The importance of  cleaning block paving and patio areas, isn’t just to make things look nice.  It’s also a very important area of maintenance, that helps keep them in great condition. Block paving can develop […]