CJK Disclaimer Policy

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Important Service Disclaimer

Media blasting cleans surfaces to such a high degree, that it can commonly uncover hidden cracks, weaknesses & structural issues, that may have been hidden by dirt, corrosion, rust or paint.

In industry, items are blasted prior to the inspection processes for exactly this reason. High quality blasted surfaces are a great starting point for conducting proper inspections & repairs.

CJK Abrasive Blast Cleaning & Surface Preparation, will not be held accountable for any damage found during or after the blasting process. 


Terms and conditions of business

All goods & materials will remain the property of CJK until payment is received in full.

CJK Accepts no liability for any structural damage found during or after the blasting or cleaning process’s or damage caused by dust, water or steam to any services, property or neighbouring properties, that haven’t been identified in the primary consultation, this includes any information that has been found to have been withheld from us or arising from poor general maintenance in the past. 

Waste management & Disposal

1.  Larger projects will require on site facilities, for the disposal of used blast media.
2. On smaller domestic jobs, waste disposal will need to be addressed by the client directly.