Monthly Archives: May 2024

TELEPHONE BOX SAND-BLASTING Sand blasting or Abrasive Blasting an old style telephone box as part of a restoration project. HIGH PRESSURE ABRASIVE BLASTING CJK ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING AND SURFACE PREPARATION Was contacted about the restoration cleaning of an old GPO telephone box. HISTORY  The old red telephone box, was the design of  “Sir Giles Gilbert […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING OR SAND BLASTING Abrasive blasting a truck body to remove paint.  As part of a general tidy up for the new addition, to the customers fleet. HIGH PRESSURE BLASTING This truck body was blasted at high pressure to remove old paint and flaking rust. The blasting also removed all the old labels and […]

STEAM CLEANING / PAINT REMOVAL This property is a heavy grade of pebble dash, that has failing paint and coatings. I was contacted to remove the failing coatings, prior to a re-application of a more suitable coating being applied after some repair work to the pebble dash coating. FAILING COATINGS  The previous coating was failing […]