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Low Pressure Blasting & Steam Cleaning

We have been involved in the restoration cleaning of several buildings of varying kinds. I was contacted by the homeowners of a Victorian brick house, with brickwork that had been painted with many layers of different plastic paints over the years.

The owners had been advised that this paint was causing damp & deterioration to the brickwork and the lime mortar. The building was unable to breath and it is essential for these types of buildings to be able to breath, so this became a job of necessity, to prevent further deterioration.

Removal of Paint from Brickwork

Brickwork that has been painted, basically has two options:

1. Low Pressure Abrasive Blasting  (Minimum job duration = half a day)

2. Steam Cleaning (Minimum job duration = half a day)

 Here at CJK we really listen to the needs of our customers and advise them on the best approach to deal with such matters. I suggested to the homeowners that the best approach for this project, was to use low pressure abrasive blasting, using crushed glass as the blast media, as this would minimise any potential damage to the brickwork.

It was very clearly explained that this would be a process that could not be rushed & that extensive scaffolding would be required to gain full access to all the surfaces requiring abrasive blast cleaning.

In these types of situation, it is essential to undertake several test blast areas around the property, as the brickwork & colours can vary substantially on different walls, such as the front façade and gable ends. After these test areas were complete, we had a clear idea of what was needed in order to really minimise any potential further deterioration.

After these test areas were complete the homeowners were very happy to proceed, knowing that every possible precaution was being addressed. Parts of this job had to be understood very clearly, that this was a job of necessity and the coatings had to be removed.

This was a great project and commenced with the blasting of the lower levels first, before the scaffolding being erected. A great deal of attention was paid to the containment of the worksite during the blasting process as to minimise the cleaning up of surrounding properties.

Low-pressure abrasive blasting can achieve FANTASTIC results, depending on the media choice, pressure setting and operator skill.

A Great Result

The homeowners were absolutely delighted with the transformation of their property by the work conducted by CJK and received fantastic feedback from their neighbours and neighbourhood, congratulating them on the transformation of their property.

At CJK we specialise in this type of low-pressure abrasive media blasting, this process works especially well on historic old oak beams, that have been painted over the years. The blast cleaning of these beams and buildings can absolutely transform the entire look of a property.

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