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STEAM CLEANING / PAINT REMOVAL This property is a heavy grade of pebble dash, that has failing paint and coatings. I was contacted to remove the failing coatings, prior to a re-application of a more suitable coating being applied after some repair work to the pebble dash coating. FAILING COATINGS  The previous coating was failing […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING IN BEDFORD Abrasive Blasting a truck chassis as part of a restoration project. This truck was ready for refurbishment & a general tidy up of its chassis by the means of abrasive blasting or what was formerly know as sandblasting. TRUCK CHASSIS The cleaning of a HGV chassis, is a time consuming job […]

LOW PRESSURE OAK BEAM CLEANING These beams have undergone abrasive blasting or sand blasting with very low pressure. This job was conducted in the North Bedfordshire area on a building with a timber frame construction. These beams had been covered with many types of paints, stains, coating and fillers, over the years.   The blast […]

OAK SAND BLASTING (ABRASIVE BLASTING) Using low pressure abrasive blasting to remove old varnish and stain from oak structures. Abrasive blasting or (Sand Blasting) can produce stunning results in the hands of the correct operator. At CJK we specialise in this type of restoration style cleaning. These types of job really do showcase just how […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING CAST ALUMINIUM GARDEN FURNITURE LOW PRESSURE BLASTING CAST ALUMINIUM ITEMS AS PART OR A RESTORATION PROJECT These items have undergone blasting to remove ageing paint that has started to flake. The castings are of such quality, they really warrant being restored fully . All the items have been low pressure blasted in order […]

SAND-BLASTING NATURAL STONE Abrasive blasting stone slabs in order to create a surface profile (non slip) SURFACE PREPARATION This hard natural stone, has undergone high pressure blasting @ CJK, in order to create a non slip surface. Abrasive blasting or sand-blasting is great for surface preparation & cleaning of this nature ” CJK WHERE QUALITY […]