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 ABRASIVE BLASTING VICTORIAN BRICKWORK Many victorian brick buildings suffer from damp issues. This is because they have been painted with modern paints and this stops the building from being able to breath. Removing this paint is the best solution to this issue, because it’s vital for these buildings to breath.          

Special Equipment Abrasive blasting is such a varied field & requires many different types of equipment, in order to offer high quality services. Test Blasts Test blasting is a very important part of offering the very best service. In order to achieve and maintain high quality services over a wide range of aplicatoins its vital […]

                                                     BLAST POT MODIFICATIONS High speed blast pot & control system Abrasive blasting is so versatile, when you have absolute control over every aspect of it’s operating perimeters. When you […]

PROFESSIONAL BLASTING   In order to supply a high quality blasting service: You will require a comprehensive selection of equipment in good condition, to withstand the riggers of the abrasive blasting process.