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ABRASIVE BLASTING – CAST IRON CHIMNEY POTS Recently CJK has been involved in Abrasive Blasting historic cast iron chimney pots. HIGH PRESSURE BLASTING These chimney pots are going through a restoration process, by having multiple layers of thick coatings removed, by high pressure blasting. OBJECTIVE The goal is to blast  these historic chimney pots back […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING TOWER CRANE SECTIONS High pressure abrasive blasting (Sand Blasting) tower crane sections, as part of a restoration project. CRANE RESTORATION  These tower crane sections  have been high pressure blasted, to remove old paint and corrosion, as part of a restoration project. PHOTO GALLERY This gallery, show the stages and processes these 10 m […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING COMPONENTS & ASSEMBLIES   GARDEN GATES Sand Blasting garden gates, ready to be re-painted. VINTAGE CAR COMPONENTS Blast cleaning  (Sand Blasting) vintage car parts,  as part of a restoration project.   

LOW PRESSURE ABRASIVE BLASTING Blast cleaning historic brickwork   Using low pressure abrasive blasting, to clean historic brickwork around an old barn conversion. This sort of cleaning work requires a very gentle approach using fine grades of blast media. The brickwork has over the years, been subject to dripping tar or bitumen from the above […]

CJK ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING  SERVICES UPDATE:  CJK  is now proud to be able to offer, a site facility for Sandblasting & Abrasive Blasting. For small to medium sized components & projects, this service is only available as a pre book service.  Please call for further information.     

HOT PRESSURE WASHING  DRIVEWAY CLEANING  Hot pressure washing & chemical treatment, to clean a cobblestone driveway. CHEMICAL TREATMENT Using hot pressure washing and chemical treatment to remove “blackspot”   from a cobblestone driveway.   

BUILDING RESTORATION CLEANING   REMOVING PAINT FROM BRICKWORK  “STEAM CLEANING”  This building had multiple coats of paint on its outside walls, from a past building addition. The objective was to remove this unsightly old paint, leaving the natural brickwork.  This job was undertaken with high pressure steam cleaning. On partly painted buildings, it’s very important […]

BUILDING RESTORATION  LOW PRESSURE ABRASIVE BLAST CLEANING Working on a building restoration project, using low pressure abrasive blasting, to remove paint from water damaged painted brickwork. OREDER OF WORK   This job required a low pressure abrasive blast to clean & prepare the site, prior to the main building contractor starting internal building work. This […]

HISTORIC BRICKWORK TEST BLASTING BRICKWORK TO REMOVE PAINT Removing paint from brickwork is a gentle process, that requires time, skill and patience. These pictures clearly show you, how it should be done! All too often you encounter properties that have undergone poor or aggressive blasting, by those that are driven by speed only. They are […]