Low pressure blasting oak beams.

This work in progress, is on a mixed restoration project requiring a gentle approach, to clean & restore this very old buildings timbers


At CJK, we take great pride in supplying the best of low pressure abrasive blasting. Historic buildings require a slow and steady approach to remove layers of old paints and fillers, along with the poor quality repairs, made with the wrong materials.

Most of the problems start when modern paints, fillers & cement are used. The golden rule to theses buildings, is breathability !

All the previous mentioned materials prevent breathability & can lead to costly damp issues. 


These pictures give a good storyline of the work taking place in this wonderful old property.

Proper restoration abrasive blasting  is the best way to clean these buildings back to the intended design and materials. Greatly helping to combat & overcome damp issues caused by poor breathability.