SAND-BLASTING NATURAL STONE Abrasive blasting stone slabs in order to create a surface profile (non slip) SURFACE PREPARATION This hard natural stone, has undergone high pressure blasting @ CJK, in order to create a non slip surface. Abrasive blasting or sand-blasting is great for surface preparation & cleaning of this nature ” CJK WHERE QUALITY […]

SAND-BLASTING  Abrasive blast cleaning assorted items, as part of restoration projects. HIGH PRESSURE These assorted items have undergone normal high pressure media blasting with a general purpose blast media. OUTCOME They are now prepared for the next process or repairs. After general blasting, the items are in great condition to inspect them prior to paint, […]

ABRASIVE BLASTING – CAST IRON CHIMNEY POTS Recently CJK has been involved in Abrasive Blasting historic cast iron chimney pots. HIGH PRESSURE BLASTING These chimney pots are going through a restoration process, by having multiple layers of thick coatings removed, by high pressure blasting. OBJECTIVE The goal is to blast  these historic chimney pots back […]

LOW PRESSURE ABRASIVE BLASTING Blast cleaning historic brickwork   Using low pressure abrasive blasting, to clean historic brickwork around an old barn conversion. This sort of cleaning work requires a very gentle approach using fine grades of blast media. The brickwork has over the years, been subject to dripping tar or bitumen from the above […]